Having been doing this line of work for the several years and with almost a decade of living in the San Diego area, I have a good sense of the area and can offer suggestions as to where you would like us to do your photos. Depending on the type of photos you want, you can either allow me to pick a spot or you can tell me where you want your photos taken.

My personal style of photography is different than that of others. I personally like to take candid (natural and in the moment) photos as opposed to making someone pose for the entire session. Depending on the setting, I like to capture the moment as it happens; like a father smiling at his baby, a groom’s “first look” at his bride on their big day, and friends laughing at a funny joke in their graduation photos. Those moments being captured in my experience make for a better and more natural looking photo.

I can take pictures of whatever you want. I do professional portraits, modeling photos, maternity pictures, graduation pictures, wedding day pictures and any special function that you would like captured on a camera. I like to add my own personal artistic touch to the photos, without them seeming overproduced or unnatural. I do this by utilizing the best equipment available to me, different lenses, utilizing different angles as well as minimal color grading to help accentuate the natural surroundings of where you choose to do your photos.