Video services are available for any special event you want to capture on film. As with my photography, I like to keep the same concept relevant in my videos; adding an artistic touch without seeming unnatural and overproduced. Recording takes place throughout most the event and the highlights will be chosen and placed in a customized video for you to remember your special event for decades to come.

I utilize many different recording techniques as well as using my drone to capture your event from a bird’s eye view (weather permitting) for those special moments that may only happen once in your lifetime. Click here to check out my video compilation to see my work firsthand and what you could potentially expect for your event.

Pricing tends to vary from event to event. This depends length of recording time, as well as any additional services that may be included and the time it takes to edit the film. Please feel free to contact me for individual pricing estimates.

Warm wishes,

Don Christopher.